Color Corps are invited and needed to turn out for the opening Mass as well as the Procession, presentation and posting of the Colors on Tuesday evening for the opening of the Convention in either the new uniform OR the Legacy regalia (minus sword). Additionally, BOTH UNIFORMS are authorized and encouraged for standing watch at the Adoration Chapel during the Convention from Sunday through Thursday!  

Either uniform will include: service baldric, white gloves and ONLY the PG-113 official Fourth Degree lapel pin. Miniature jewels and current jewel of office are also authorized and NO OTHERS.

One other question has arisen, where is the practice? Gentlemen, all things "Convention Related" will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Reminder: There is parking available at the stadium parking "Lot-C" which appears to be about 4-5 blocks from the convention Center. Cost of parking in this lot for volunteers is $10/day. IF you arrive early and there is no attendant on duty, you must have a credit card to buy your pass for the day.

So please turn out for these events if you can.  Your help is needed!

For a full redux of the needs and regulations, please view our Supreme Convention Marching Orders article.


JAF 0460 cropped

JAF 0528District Master SK Col. Micheal W. Thumm, USMC (Ret) - (Right) presents a certificate of recognition to exemplification honoree Immediate Former Master SK John Winfrey, State Warden-elect of the Maryland State Council of the Knights of Columbus

The 49th exemplification of the Patriotic Degree held at St. Mary of the Mills Church in Laurel, Maryland on June 16th, 2018 was deemed a great success by District Master SK Col. Micheal W. Thumm, USMC (Ret). The exemplificaiton, held in honor of Immediate Former Master SK John Winfrey and the State Warden-Elect of the Maryland State Council of the Knights of Columbus, welcomed 115 new Sir Knights into the 4th Degree of the Order of the Knights of Columbus. The event was followed by a luncheon featuring musical interludes by the J. Kemp Cook Choir and speeches by local Columbian dignitaries.

Due to the forecast of accumulating snow on Saturday in Olney, Maryland, the Master of the Fourth Degree has postponed the April 7th Exemplification to a date and venue to be determined between now and June 30th.  The Master and his staff will work with people to see if they can make the new date, and if not, will work on refunds, as appropriate.

V 52B9Immediate Former Master SK John Winfrey, FDD, FM, PGK, PFN will be the honoree for the Archdiocese of Washington District 49th Exemplification of the Patriotic DegreeIt has been announced by the Master of the Archdiocese of Washington 4th Degree District, SK Col. Micheal Thumm (USMC-Ret), that the Honoree for the 49th District Exemplification of the Patriotic Degree of the Knights of Columbus has been named.

Immediate Former Master of the Archdiocese of Washington District, SK John Winfrey will be the Honoree at the April 7th Exemplification. SK Winfrey will be recognized for his accomplishments for the Archdiocese of Washington District. Sir Knights of the Archdiocese of Washington Districct are kindly asked to join the Master and Former Master at the 49th Exemplification which will take place at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD. Registration for the exemplification and lunchon may be made online.

For more information about SK John Winfrey, please click here to read his biography page.

CCDrillAfter several months of review, deletions, and additions the new Fourth Degree Color Corps Drill Manual has been revised and approved by the Orders Board of Directors February 2, 2018.

Additionally, effective February 2, 2018 the Supreme Master has instructed the supply department that copies of the old drill manual are no longer to be distributed.

While the initial printing of 10,000 copies is processed and makes its initial distribution to Vice Supreme Masters, District Masters, Faithful Navigators, Supreme Officers and State Deputies, a digital copy has been made available for Sir Knights on the Supreme Council's Website.

Physical copies of the Drill Manual are available for order by Faithful Navigators and Faithful Comptrollers from the supply catalog and the Supplies Online store accessed through the Officers Online Portal. The new Drill Manual supply catalog number is 808 1-18.

Please do not call and ask for additional copies for team members or assistant Marshals as my office will not process any orders.

Sir Knights, and especially members of the Color Corps are encouraged to read and heed.

District Prayer Intentions

  • For the healing of SK David Martin
  • For the healing of George Fenwick
  • For the healing of Megan Zimmerman
  • For the healing of Bill Facey
  • For the healing of Ernest Boykin
  • For the repose of the souls of the 5 Sulivan Brothers on the anniversary of their passing
  • For the private intentions of the Santangelo family
  • For the repose of the soul of Fr Joseph Klienstuber
  • For the repose of the soul of Terrance Ethridge
  • For the repose of the soul of Frank Carniccio
  • For the repose of the soul of Frank Herreklo
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