It is the custom of the Archdiocese of Washington District to present special awards for outstanding contributions to the success of our District for the previous year. Therefore listed below are the awardees for the 2020-2021 Fraternal Year.

The decision in every category was very difficult because we have so many outstanding Sir Knights and Assemblies contributing to the many patriotic programs within our District. Please join me in congratulating the winners.

Charity Reverend James Boccabella

Unity David Wilson Jr.

Fraternity Paul Javier

Patriotism Steven Law

Color Corps Commander Jack Giacalone

Color Corpsman Charlie Tennyson

Assembly of the Year Washington #151

Knight of the Year Venantius Onunaku (Chief Okey)

A sincere thanks to all the awardees and to every member of the AWD. A JOB WELL DONE!!