My Brother Sir Knights,

I am very honored and humbled to have been selected as the new Master of the Archdiocese of Washington District. My assignment is for one year as I will complete the term of soon to be Former Master Micheal Thumm as he and Lady Patti assume the duties of Vice Supreme Master of the Calvert Province.

I am certain that all of you join with me in congratulating Mike for a most successful three years and for his leadership through sometimes difficult situations, as well as wishing him every success as he transitions into his new role.

Mike has said that he won't be far away and we all can be thankful that we will have his knowledge and experience close at hand.

For my part, I am looking forward to working with each of you. I have come to know and respect the vast knowledge and experience accumulated in this District and seek to draw upon your individual resources and collective council as we move forward.

Worthy Master Thumm has left this District in very strong and stable position. Membership recruiting is active and patriotic programs continue to thrive and grow. I intend to build on these strong foundations, and with your assistance move forward in service to all who request our help. Our challenge is to use our resources, which are sometimes limited, to the best of our abilty. This task falls squarely on us as leaders.

May God bless you and your family and the United States of America

Our Father, Our Faith, Our Flag

Joseph M. Feakes

Archdiocese of Washington District