PG-113PG 113PG-745USPG 745USAt the directive of the Supreme Knight, the Supreme Master, the Vice Supreme Master and in consultation with the District Master, the following is the policy on the wearing of lapel pins on the Fourth Degree uniforms in the Archdiocese of Washington:


  1. In accordance with Supreme Directive, the PG-113 pin will be worn for all events held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine (including the District Master and Staff Installation on Saturday!).  Many of these events are Supreme events.
  2. The PG-113 pin is designated as the official pin of the Calvert Province.  Therefore, the PG-113 pin will be worn for all Provincial events.
  3. The PG-113 pin will be worn for the Installation of Assembly Officers, since The Installation of Assembly Officers Ceremonial Form 1355 E-11-12 states the Fourth Degree lapel pin will be worn by members, Color Corps, District Master and Marshal.
  4. The PG-113 pin will be worn for the Fourth/Patriotic Degree Exemplification, which is a Supreme level ceremonial.
  5. The National Pin PG-745US will be worn for all District and Assembly level events.

The Supreme Knight has directed that we present an image of One Uniform, One Ceremonial, and One Drill Manual.  The PG-113 pin contains our patriotic colors of Red, White, and Blue, and wherever we go for ceremonials, there is a U.S. Flag present for us to show proper respect and pride!  We will forever continue to do so.

This lapel pin policy ensures uniformity no matter where we turn out or for what event.  But, I will keep the other pin that I am not wearing, and a U.S. Flag pin in my pocket on a piece of cardboard or paper, so that they are available, and I hope that you will, too!


Micheal W. Thumm, FDD, PGK, PFN
Colonel, USMC, Retired
Master, Archdiocese of Washington District