The Patriotic Support Program Committee and its Chairman are committed to providing the Archdiocese of Washington District with a solid foundation of Patriotic support activities at the District and the Assembly level.  The Patriotic Support Chairman will work with the District’s assemblies through the Faithful Navigator, or an appointed Assembly Patriotic Support Chairman, to develop a strong program of patriotic support--reinforcing the Fourth Degree’s dedication to Patriotism.  This will be done by planning and executing Patriotic activities, outside of or in conjunction with our Veterans Administration Volunteer Service opportunities, that may consisting of support and assistance to active duty military, veterans, or veterans’ organizations (Wounded Warriors, Semper Fi Fund, etc.), and activities commemorating Patriotic events.  Our immediate goal for this fraternal year is to conduct at least one District level and one Assembly level patriotic support event or activity.

Goals for the 2013 – 2014 Fraternal Year:


  1. Conduct one District level patriotic event as a minimum; ideally, hold one District event between July and January, and one District event between February and June.
  2. The Patriotic Support Chairman will provide information and guidance to Assemblies on patriotic support ideas and opportunities.
  3. The Patriotic Support Chairman will strive to attend the monthly district meetings, receive Master's guidance, and provide a program report.


  1. Each Faithful Navigator should appoint one Sir Knight as a Patriotic Support Program Chairman for the Assembly for the upcoming Fraternal year.
  2. Each Assembly plan and execute a minimum of one Patriotic Support Program Event during the upcoming Fraternal Year.
  3. Following each event held, provide the District Patriotic Support Chairman with a narrative report containing the what, when, where, how many Knights participated, and how many veterans participated, and any other information of interest.