Patriotic Education

Patriotic education is the lifeblood of the Fourth Degree. It begins with our “leading by example” to children, teens and adults, and expands to the local community and beyond. The breadth of Patriotic education spans into a number of programs that each Assembly can present to community and civic groups, schools and parishes alike, including: an understanding of the Pledge of Allegiance; What is so special about our republic?; What is the symbolic meaning of our flag?; What is proper flag protocol?; What does it mean to be one nation under God?; What is thee significance of national holidays; and a better understanding of American History, especially the role of Catholicism in our nation's history.

Patriotic education in the community can range from Sir Knights as individuals and Assemblies involved in school essay contests, Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls assistance, flag retirement ceremonies, Maryland and American history commemorative events, veteran support and even letters to the editor in defense of religious liberty and justice.

Every year, each Assembly should have at least one “ordinary” and one “extraordinary” Patriotic Education event. The minimum expectation is to have a sound “Good of the Order” program at each Fourth Degree meeting. Almost any “Ordinary” Fourth Degree activity can become an “extraordinary” Patriotic Education event with just a little “extra” creativity and emphasis.

Ideas and success stories will be complied and disseminated to all Assemblies for consideration. We will also work with interested school teachers to develop appropriate lesson plans for patriotic education on flag protocol, national holidays, flag symbolism and more.