It is with great pride I announce the appointment of our new Master. I received an email this evening from the Worthy VSM informing me that SK Mike Thumm has been appointed to the position of Master of the 4th degree.

Mike brings a background of leadership and organizational skills that will only enhance already proud name of our district.

Mike and his team will be working with me, and the current team to insure a smooth transition. Mike will officially take office on 1 Sept. Until then please copy both Mike and I on all communications.

This is indeed a proud moment for us as a District. Please join me in congratulating Mike and Patti, and wish them only success as they lead our great district into the future.

John Winfrey


SK Col. Charles H. Gallina, USMC (Ret), KHS, PSD, FVSM, FDD, PGK-C, PFN-C - our honoree for the 46th Annual Exemplification of the Fourth Degree - speaks to Catholic TV about the Knights of Columbus Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage.

The Knights of Columbus, animated by its core principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism, has a long history of serving the military. Its celebrated Army Hut program provided hospitality for members of the military throughout Europe during the First World War. Since then, the Knights has helped sponsor war relief activities, education programs for veterans and sponsorship programs for military chaplains, in addition to providing Catholic spiritual resources for military members and a steady stream of volunteers to the more than 135 VA medical centers. More recently, the Knights has partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation by providing funding to help complete the construction of computer equipped custom smart homes for severely wounded heroes.

To learn more about the Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage, or to make a donation, please visit

2016ExemplificationLogoDue to a rush of registrations (and procrastination), the deadline for Candidates and Sir Knights registering for the Exemplification of the 4th Degree has been extended to Saturday, March 19th.  Registration will close at 11:00pm

For more information about the Exemplification, please visit our Exemplification Information page.  Sir Knights and Candidates can quickly, safely, and securely register and pay through our Exemplification Online Registration page.

ChimiakBlessingADW District Friar Msgr. Karl Chimiak blessed the Prince George’s County Police Fleet on June 30th, 2015.

To all incoming Grand Knights, Faithfull Navigators and their staffs:
Here are a dozen ways to a successful fraternal year – but only if done before June 30.

Vision begets great plans. This can be a theme, a mission statement, even a Biblical quotation. Then focus as many projects and programs through this lens.

Map out the route for the year.
• Include existing standing programs and special projects
• Have monthly, quarterly or annual effort that address vision statement items
• Account for National, State, District and local church priorities
• Adjust as needed during the year

Budget your time and resources.
• Establish the annual meeting and program calendar
• Consider fund raising as well as funds to spend
• Factor in civil holidays, church calendar, Columbian obligations

Staff the efforts with responsible leaders, workers and expectations.

Set requirements for the Good of the Order program and request religious program and project input from your priest and deacon.

Determine the heading and chart the course of the fraternal year, then get buy-in from the membership; use the official report as well as newsletters, bulletins and emails.

Draft a budget and distribute at or prior to the first meeting, ready for discussion.

Keep all meetings brief and on point by planning to use the agenda as a meeting time budget - do not overspend time as well as resources.

Lead not by words, but by example.
• Expect you or your designate to attend as many events as possible
• Use your name badge and the Color Corps presence to its fullest

Schedule your monthly, quarterly and annual reports, awards and audits early.

Provide praise and feedback at meetings and in emails.

Reflect on what was accomplished throughout the year with a final report to the membership on how well the goals were met. Remember: “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little extra.”

District Prayer Intentions

  • For the healing of Edward Cunanan
  • For the healing of Helena Jones
  • For the recovery of Ed Padget
  • For the recovery of Pete Streiner
  • For the health of Mary K Page
  • For Bill Goodwyn in his struggles with Alzheimers
  • For the repose of the souls of the 5 Sulivan Brothers
  • For the repose of the soul of Althea Patton
  • For the repose of the soul of Marcia Kubic
  • For the repose of the soul of Robert Streiner
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