It has been announced by the Master of the Archdiocese of Washington 4th Degree District, SK Col. Micheal Thumm (USMC-Ret), that the 48th Exemplification of the Fourth Degree in the Archdiocese of Washington District will take place on Saturday, October 28th at Nativity Catholic Church.

The date and location has changed from previous exemplifications, as has the attire for candidates and attending Sir Knights and Columbian dignitaries.

Candidates’ dress shall be black or dark (blue or grey) business suit with black shoes, white dress shirt and tie, and candidate identification (identification provided by the secretary to the master). Armed forces, police, and firefighters may wear Class A or dress uniform. Priests and members of religious orders may wear their clerical attire.

Sir Knight spectators will wear the same dress as candidates to also include the wearing of the pin of the Emblem of the Fourth Degree (PG-113) . The Color Guard, Honor Guard and Line Guards will be in full regalia with the PG-113 pin as in the past. No other attire or formalwear is acceptable.

As well, the format for the banquet has changed to that of a luncheon to immediately follow the exemplification.

An honoree for the exemplification will be named by the Master of the Fourth Degree in the coming weeks.