Brothers of the District.

I wanted to drop you a note to wish you all a Blessed and Holy Christmas. During this time of the year we take stock of what our Lord and God has provided. All we have to do is look around and we see good friends, loved ones and family. What a blessing those gifts are. We also, during this time, look forward to the prospects of a new year. What does our Lord have in store for us this upcoming year? We have to ask what will be the good or the challenging, and how will we be touched. It is truly a Glorious time! I will tell you one of the most treasured gifts I have received is this District family, and the friendship I have with you, my Brother Knights. Many organizations call themselves brothers, but here in this group I know we mean it. We are a true family, pulling together for a greater good making this world a better place. Our mission, as Sir Knights, is focused on the Patriotic, but our Order has a much wider scope. That scope is to touch all God's people in a positive way. This is the true meaning of Christmas.

Here is my wish for you and your family: I pray that you in your own way find room to reach someone who is troubled during this Holy season. Remember this time of the year isn't always easy for many. Some, even within our own Knights family, find it difficult to see the hope that Christmas brings. Whether it be money issues, a loss of a family member, or just the challenges of life many struggle to realize that God has a plan for us. So with that here is my hope and wish for you. Reach out to a Brother Knight a neighbor, coworker, or friend and help them see this meaning of this season through you.

Lastly, and most importantly, I would also like to ask you remember those heroes of our Nation who are unable to be with their families, because that are protecting our freedoms around the world. Those men and women are providing us daily with the ultimate gift FREEDOM.

Soldier's Prayer

Our heavenly and most wonderful Creator, we humbly come before you with heavy hearts on behalf of our most precious Americans, our military soldiers. You ask that we trust in You to ask for those things that are not in our power to grant. You already know what we are going to ask, but we do so with love and respect for You are the ultimate granter of all prayers.

For Christmas we ask for protection for our soldiers. Our soldiers are lonely and away from their families and away from a nation they love with all their hearts. Give our soldiers peace in their hearts, peace of mind, bravery and courage to fight, protect them from harm. Help them to stay safe, go before them send their guardian angels to warn them of dangers when they are on patrol. Give them adequate rest, food, water, keep them whole in spirit and have them keep their eyes on You.

Provide good military leaders to guide and do what is right and safe for our soldiers. Provide our soldiers with equipment that work continually and not break down especially when they are kept down by those who want to destroy or ambush them. Give our soldiers extra sense from every danger lurking in the dark or around the corner. Provide them with extra strength and foresight to be alert at all times and ready for anything that is extraordinary.

Finally, protect and keep our soldier's families safe so that their loved ones do not worry about them when they are in battle. Give our soldiers time to write email or contact their families through phone calls or computers to at least be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus as a family unit. Give us victory very soon, please end these wars soon, and return your precious children back to live in our nation with their families. Keep the soldiers whole and protected from the dangers of outside forces. We are also asking for Your comforting love for the families of soldiers that have passed on during these two wars, and fast healing for those disabled in battles.

Also Dear Precious Lord, bless this nation from those Americans who want to destroy what You have built up in our Constitution. As our nation fights the depressed economy, bless those who want to find work to provide for their family. Keep this nation strong, safe, always to believe and trust in You, our most loving Creator and God. These things we ask in Your precious Son's name, Jesus. Amen........

May God Bless our Military, May God Bless you and your family, and May God Bless our great Nation

From John, Gloria, Mandy, Kassie, Rachel, Cynthia, and Anthony we wish you a very Merry and Holy Christmas, and a Blessed New year.