Brother Knights

There is an old saying, "A journey starts with one step". As we start this new Fraternal Year, our Assemblies and Councils are continuing a journey that began many years ago. As we think back over the course of our journey we can remember the people we touched and helped along the way. It is safe to say that we have made a significant and positive impact in people's lives, and furthermore we have helped our little corner of the world be a better place. Now it is our responsibility to continue that work. It is now our duty to take up the torch, and continue the mission set forth by our predecessors. The path we have ahead of us will have bumps and unexpected obstacles we will need to contend with; our faith will guide us.

Our Councils and Assemblies have evolved, and will continue to evolve. This year as with every year we should refocus our efforts on things that will benefit our Church, and our community. Every Assembly and Council should review the projects they have supported in the past to determine if they meet our refocused missions. Each new Faithful Navigator and Grand Knight should put their signature on the missions of their respective groups, keeping always in sight our overall mission as Knights of supporting our church, communities and our country. Let's take our Assemblies and Councils up one notch. Let raise the bar just a little. At the end of our terms I pray we can all say we left our organizations better then we found them. With the power of the Holy Spirit nothing is out of our reach.

May God bless you and your families,
SK John Winfrey
Master of the Fourth Degree
Archdiocese of Washington District
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