As I sit here writing this article we are about two weeks out from the Exemplification. I must tell you the excitement is building and so are the butterflies. All the preparations are moving forward for a fantastic weekend. The karaoke machine is getting warmed up and I hope so are your singing voices. Although we are still tallying up the number of candidates we are expecting a very good class. I cannot be prouder of the effort put forth by each and every Assembly. I know a level of effort that is requires by the Faithful Navigators and the assembly teams to pull this off and I am ever so grateful for all your efforts.

The Exemplification every year offers us an opportunity to share the Knights Of Columbus Fourth Degree experience to an entirely new group of brothers and their families. When a man joins the Fourth Degree he joins a fraternity of extremely dedicated and passionate Catholic American. He has an opportunity to put that passion for his country and his church to work. The Fourth Degree has long been known for the Honor Guard and that is an aspect we’re extremely proud of. However if a brother only sees the Fourth Degree as Color Corp he is missing half of the equation. The Fourth Degree is much more than that. Our service to our country and to our church is only limited by our imagination. Whether it be distributing wheelchairs to our American Heroes at the VA hospitals or sponsoring voter registration events a Sir Knight of the Fourth Degree demonstrates his love for country and church every day.

When a brother joins the Knights Of Columbus of the first degree member he is provided the passport to the next level. This is true for every degree. I would offer that there’s a passport to the 4th Degree and the passport resides in the heart of each perspective Sir Knight. If he has the burning desire to serve our great Nation and our Holy Church then he does in fact have the primary qualification of a successful Sir Knight If this is you I encourage you to reach out to us and learn more about us and our mission.

Fraternally Yours
SK John Winfrey
Archdiocesan of Washington District