10/31/2017 UPDATE: This article was updated to reflect further details from the Supreme Master about how the Social Baldric will be used.
10/26/2017 UPDATE: This article was updated to reflect an update from the Supreme Master that the Social Baldric will continue to be used.

This will be our District's first Exemplification under the new Dress Rules. At the Maryland District exemplification there were a mix of members and candidates in tuxedos and suits. Tuxedos, particularly for candidates, are no longer required but certainly can be worn. The social baldric will continue to be used at Fourth Degree Exemplifications. The social baldric can be worn at any social event under a tuxedo jacket or under a suit jacket. The social baldric should be worn over a necktie and under the jacket. The social baldric will not be worn with the new uniform. The PG-113, Emblem of the Fourth Degree, pin is now the only pin to be worn for any Fourth Degree event whether on the New Uniform, a tuxedo, or a suit.  Those PG-745-US, commonly called the combined national flag pin, are now relegated to your weekday or weekend suit or sport coat.

Supreme has extended the deadline for the 25 percent discount on ordering the new uniform to Oct. 31, 2017.  Remember, you can only get the New Uniform at the KnightsGear.org and the uniforms will arrive some weeks or months in the future.  There are over 2,000 uniforms on back-order at this time. The New Uniform is only required for Color Corps events but we would like to see many more Color Corpsmen added to our ranks so please get yours ordered as soon as possible.

Sea Service Pilgrimage 100117The Vice Supreme Master, in a memorandum about the new uniform, stated that, “Those members having the official member regalia (the new uniform) will be placed in front of those in current regalia…”  Here’s how we did this at the Sea Service Pilgrimage earlier this month.

Whoever is leading the formation (Marshal(s) or CCCs/VCCCs will be in front regardless of new or old uniform.  Right after them will be those in the new regalia or uniform, in order or colors as we do with capes.  Then follow those in the Old Regalia in order as we’ve done in the past.  I would make an exception here if the Host Master was in Old Regalia, and place him right behind the Marshals or CCCs.

The Laws & Rules Governing the Fourth Degree and the Color Corps Drill Manual are being updated and will be distributed when complete.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming exemplification!

Fraternally Yours in Patriotic Service,