Color Corps are invited and needed to turn out for the opening Mass as well as the Procession, presentation and posting of the Colors on Tuesday evening for the opening of the Convention in either the new uniform OR the Legacy regalia (minus sword). Additionally, BOTH UNIFORMS are authorized and encouraged for standing watch at the Adoration Chapel during the Convention from Sunday through Thursday!  

Either uniform will include: service baldric, white gloves and ONLY the PG-113 official Fourth Degree lapel pin. Miniature jewels and current jewel of office are also authorized and NO OTHERS.

One other question has arisen, where is the practice? Gentlemen, all things "Convention Related" will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Reminder: There is parking available at the stadium parking "Lot-C" which appears to be about 4-5 blocks from the convention Center. Cost of parking in this lot for volunteers is $10/day. IF you arrive early and there is no attendant on duty, you must have a credit card to buy your pass for the day.

So please turn out for these events if you can.  Your help is needed!

For a full redux of the needs and regulations, please view our Supreme Convention Marching Orders article.