CCDrillAfter several months of review, deletions, and additions the new Fourth Degree Color Corps Drill Manual has been revised and approved by the Orders Board of Directors February 2, 2018.

Additionally, effective February 2, 2018 the Supreme Master has instructed the supply department that copies of the old drill manual are no longer to be distributed.

While the initial printing of 10,000 copies is processed and makes its initial distribution to Vice Supreme Masters, District Masters, Faithful Navigators, Supreme Officers and State Deputies, a digital copy has been made available for Sir Knights on the Supreme Council's Website.

Physical copies of the Drill Manual are available for order by Faithful Navigators and Faithful Comptrollers from the supply catalog and the Supplies Online store accessed through the Officers Online Portal. The new Drill Manual supply catalog number is 808 1-18.

Please do not call and ask for additional copies for team members or assistant Marshals as my office will not process any orders.

Sir Knights, and especially members of the Color Corps are encouraged to read and heed.