Eventbrite - 49th AWD Exemplification of the Fourth Degree

To the Faithful Sir Knights of the Archdiocese of Washington District

MasterJewelJewel of the Master of the Fourth DegreeBrothers, late yesterday evening I received notice of the Master’s appointment. I am deeply honored with the opportunity to serve as Master for the next two years. It has truly been one of the most rewarding times of my life serving these last two years. Looking forward, I think our best is yet to come.

I want to thank both of my co-nominees SK Mike Thumm, and SK Mike Lynch. Your contribution to the District and the Order is well known and highly appreciated by myself as well as the Vice Supreme Master and the Supreme Master.

I also want to thank the dedicated brother Sir Knights who have served on the District team.  You have provided the time and energy to begin the face lift of the 4th Degree. We have stated from the very beginning that we wanted to build an organization that is known as much for our good works as we are for our fine Color Corps. We will continue to build on that work while building on the finest Color Corps in the Order. I ask each member of the District team to reevaluate what we have done and what is still to do, and to further recommit yourself, as I have, to getting the job done. This is our opportunity to leave an indelible positive mark on our Order. At the end of this term, it is my hope that my successors will say we made a difference.

Most importantly, to the Faithful Navigators both past and current, THANK YOU. You will likely never know much I appreciate what you have done and will do. You are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to making a difference. Without you and your members none of what we have done, or will do, could be possible.

In conclusion, I want to re-state how honored I am to be re-appointed to be the Master of AWD. This is truly the finest group of people I have ever been associated with. You have my word that I will work to earn your support and loyalty.

Now Let Set Forth To Do The Great Work Laid Out For Us!

Fraternally Yours in Patriotic Service,

SK John F. Winfrey, FDD, PGK, PFN
Master of the Fourth Degree

Brother Knights

There is an old saying, "A journey starts with one step". As we start this new Fraternal Year, our Assemblies and Councils are continuing a journey that began many years ago. As we think back over the course of our journey we can remember the people we touched and helped along the way. It is safe to say that we have made a significant and positive impact in people's lives, and furthermore we have helped our little corner of the world be a better place. Now it is our responsibility to continue that work. It is now our duty to take up the torch, and continue the mission set forth by our predecessors. The path we have ahead of us will have bumps and unexpected obstacles we will need to contend with; our faith will guide us.

Our Councils and Assemblies have evolved, and will continue to evolve. This year as with every year we should refocus our efforts on things that will benefit our Church, and our community. Every Assembly and Council should review the projects they have supported in the past to determine if they meet our refocused missions. Each new Faithful Navigator and Grand Knight should put their signature on the missions of their respective groups, keeping always in sight our overall mission as Knights of supporting our church, communities and our country. Let's take our Assemblies and Councils up one notch. Let raise the bar just a little. At the end of our terms I pray we can all say we left our organizations better then we found them. With the power of the Holy Spirit nothing is out of our reach.

May God bless you and your families,
SK John Winfrey
Master of the Fourth Degree
Archdiocese of Washington District
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As I sit here writing this article we are about two weeks out from the Exemplification. I must tell you the excitement is building and so are the butterflies. All the preparations are moving forward for a fantastic weekend. The karaoke machine is getting warmed up and I hope so are your singing voices. Although we are still tallying up the number of candidates we are expecting a very good class. I cannot be prouder of the effort put forth by each and every Assembly. I know a level of effort that is requires by the Faithful Navigators and the assembly teams to pull this off and I am ever so grateful for all your efforts.

The Exemplification every year offers us an opportunity to share the Knights Of Columbus Fourth Degree experience to an entirely new group of brothers and their families. When a man joins the Fourth Degree he joins a fraternity of extremely dedicated and passionate Catholic American. He has an opportunity to put that passion for his country and his church to work. The Fourth Degree has long been known for the Honor Guard and that is an aspect we’re extremely proud of. However if a brother only sees the Fourth Degree as Color Corp he is missing half of the equation. The Fourth Degree is much more than that. Our service to our country and to our church is only limited by our imagination. Whether it be distributing wheelchairs to our American Heroes at the VA hospitals or sponsoring voter registration events a Sir Knight of the Fourth Degree demonstrates his love for country and church every day.

When a brother joins the Knights Of Columbus of the first degree member he is provided the passport to the next level. This is true for every degree. I would offer that there’s a passport to the 4th Degree and the passport resides in the heart of each perspective Sir Knight. If he has the burning desire to serve our great Nation and our Holy Church then he does in fact have the primary qualification of a successful Sir Knight If this is you I encourage you to reach out to us and learn more about us and our mission.

Fraternally Yours
SK John Winfrey
Archdiocesan of Washington District

As I write this article the District is in the middle of preparing for the Exemplification. This is a very special time of year because this is when we introduce the greatest fraternal organization to an entirely new group of men and their families, and as such change the lives of many people. While we prepare for this Exemplification I have been given some thought to who would make a good Sir Knight and what type of man is ideal for our honored order. It came to me that this is nothing new. Our world has always relayed on good men and in history we even called them Knights. We remember stories of the Knights of the Round Table where before even being considered for that great honor a man would have to demonstrate years of dedicated service to his country and Church. He would have to show the world that charity was his guiding principle in his life. Proving his strong moral character through daily acts of kindness to his fellow man. Standing for what is right and good. Moreover being the true defender of the disadvantaged and weak. So I thought how is this different from today. When we look at a prospective 4th Degree Sir Knight, do we not look for the same characteristics? Are we not looking for men of good upstanding values who will stand for what is right in our own country? Aren't we looking for the good patriot just as they did in years past? Of course the answer is yes.

Now the challenge is to find such men. I would argue they are all around us. They are the men who stand when the flag is marched by. They are the men who stop and open a door for a lady. They are the men who stop and help a child with a disability. We find these good men all around us. So why are we not trying to introduce them to an order that respects and honors these values? The order of the Knights of Columbus 4th Degree is an avenue for these men and their families to come together and work on a common goal and that goal is to make our world a better place, to serve our country, and our Holy Church. So our mission as a Sir Knight is to reach out to these good men and say come join us in a Holy Crusade to Take a Stand and Make a Difference. To those who are not a Sir Knight, I challenge you to learn more about our order and see if there is a place for you beside us. This is a mighty task but with good men such as yourself nothing is impossible.

Yours Fraternally,
SK John Winfrey
Master of the 4th Degree
Archdiocese of Washington District


Have you ever given any thought to your legacy? I certainly didn’t until last year when I attended a funeral of a Brother Knight from VA. As I was sitting there listening to his eulogy they told a story of a man who truly left a great Legacy. Bill was in deed a great man, but you couldn’t tell that from looking at him. He didn’t drive a big nice car, he didn’t live in a big house. Bill was a modest man that left behind a GREAT legacy. That got me to thinking about my legacy as Master, and the legacy of our District. What will people say when I go to my reward, or for that matter what will they say about all of us when we all go meet our maker. Will they say we were dedicated husbands, or hard workers, of even better yet when they stand up at the pulpit will they talk about how much of a Redskins fan we were. Not that any of these are bad, but I would rather they say how we touched in a positive way the lives of the people of our community, and Church. I would rather them say we fed the hungry, and brought smiles to children who had no reason to smile, or we helped someone who really needed our help. These are the true legacies we should be looking for. It isn’t about glory here on earth. It is the command of our Lord to make a difference while we are here.

You ask, what the heck does this have to do with being a Sir Knight of the 4th Degree? Moreover what does this have to do with this season? My answer is this. As we sit down and think about our blessings I would suggest you think about the blessings you have provided someone else this last year. Have we made someone’s life better, or less troubling? Also as we embark on a new year, what will we do over the next twelve months to change a life, and make a difference? As members of the 4th Degree, our District and Assemblies have a great opportunity to do just that. We have a great need in our Country and community, and the question is, do we as Sir Knight have the heart, and love to take on those challenges. I believe we do. So my New Year’s resolution, and I hope yours is as well is to find one way, one project, one effort that will change one life. If we can accomplish that we will truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

From the Winfrey family John, Gloria, Mandy, Kassie, Rachel, and Cynthia we wish you and your family’s a Blessed of New Year.

District Prayer Intentions

  • For peace and a cessation of pain for SK William C. Kuchmas, III, PSD, and for his family as he enters hospice care.
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Dr. Donald E. Bouchard, DDS
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Lady Thelma Rice
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of SK Tom Casey
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of SK Anthony I Colbert, PSD, FDD, PGK, PFN, FS
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Steve Holowenzak
  • For teh return to health and speedy recovery of Sara Anderson
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Ray DeVous
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Maruice Mann
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Liz Marcus
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Bob Jack
  • For the return to health and cure of cancer of Ed Madden
  • For the return to health and cure of cancer for Yoshitaka Takeuchi
  • For tthe return to health and cure of cancer of SK Ed & Lady Janet  Madden
  • For the return to health and speedy recovery of Eileen Santangelo
  • For the private intentions of Matt Santangelo
  • For the repose of the soul of Susan Wolf
  • For the repose of the soul of Addie McBride
  • For the repose of the soul of Thomas J. Donnellan
  • For the repose of the souls of the victims of the shooting in Parkland, FL, for the consolation of their friends and families, and the healing of their community and our nation.
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